Create First NPC

  1. Create a new database.
  2. Create a decision and call it Idle.
    In the Idle decision the NPC should stop any movement. We can achieve it using the action Movement > Stop. This action resets the path  of the NavMeshAgent. The next action is to play the idle animation. In this example i am using an Animator Controller that has a Speed parameter mapped to a blend tree which defines if the npc is moving or not.

    We use the Animator > SetFloat action to set the Speed parameter to 0. This will blend the animation to idle. The final Idle decision looks like this:
  3. Create one more decision and call it Wander. Use the Movement > Wander action to move the NavMeshAgent arround a radius and Animator > SetFloat with Speed parameter 1 to blend the walk animation.
  4. Create a two new Decision Score Evaluators.
    Set the Weight to 2 and  Cooldown to 5 in the Wandering Decision Score Evaluator and leave any Idle Decision Score Evaluator settings as default.
    The Cooldown will prevent to select the Wandering DSE within the next 5 seconds. Setting the weight to 2 will always prefer the Wandering DSE compared to the Idle DSE (Without any other considerations).
  5. Create a new Decision Maker and add the Common Wander and Common Idle DSE to it.
  6. Create an Intelligence Definition. Right Click on a folder in your project Create > Devion Games > Utility AI > Intelligence Definition, select and add the Base Wander Decision Maker to it.
  7.  Build the NavMesh for the scene.
  8. Drag and drop your NPC model to scene and add your Animator Controller to the Animator component. Also add the NavMeshAgent component.
  9. Add the AIController component and assign the created Intelligence Definition to it.