The RPG Kit Demo consists of five scenes Start, Select Character, Create Character, Main Scene, Map2. This scenes are located in Devion Games > RPG Kit > Scenes.

To start the demo, please add the scenes to the Build Settings. You can start the demo from any scene for debugging purposes, but the default order for the user is as follows:

Start Scene

The Start scene is the first scene when the user starts to play the game. It has three buttons (Start Game, Options, Quit Game)

Select Character Scene

The Select Character scene displays a list of already created characters, which you can select and move directly to Main Scene. It also allows you to create new characters.

Create Character Scene

When the user wants to create a new character, he will be forwarded from the Select Character scene to the Create Character scene. In this scene the user is able to select a new character class and give his character a name. After the user confirms the creation he will be forwarded back to the Character Selection scene to start the game.

Main Scene

This is the first gameplay scene where the user controls  his character. In this scene the chacracter can do all the interactions(Pickup items, chop trees, craft and many more).

Map2 Scene

This is the second scene the character can teleport to.