Errors after importing from Asset Store

The Asset Store does not keep track of the unity version of downloaded packages. This means it can import the wrong version of a package into your project, causing errors! To fix this, open the Asset Store and re-download the Quest System before importing.

Missing Quest System menu

  • Click the main menu bar to force redraw it. Unity doesn’t always redraw the menu bar after importing a package.
  • Check the Unity console for errors. Unity stops compiling editor extentions if there are any errors (not just Quest System errors). Fix any errors you find in the Unity console.
  • Load a default window layout.
  • Restart Unity after importing. Sometimes Unity needs to restart.

Unable to use triggers

Make sure you have a PhysicsRaycaster attached to your Main Camera. Uncheck the IgnoreRaycast layer. Also make sure you have an EventSystem in your scene.

Core Concepts