Create Quest

Open Quest Editor Tools > Devion Games > Quest System > Editor.

  • (A) Click the plus button to create a new quest.
  • (B) Fill out the quest information.
    Name: The quest name should be unique and is for internal use only. It isn’t shown to the player.
    Title: The quest title will be displayed to the player in the UI.
    Description: The quest description will be also show to the player in the Accept, Complete and Quest Journal window.
    Rewards: The quest system does not provide any rewards by default. You have to integrate your own rewards or use the Item & Inventory System and Stat System integrations. Please see also how to create rewards.
  • (C) Conditions are used to check if the quest can be given to the player. You can write custom conditions or use the included.
Create Database
Setup QuestTrigger