Core Concepts


The QuestWindow is used to display the accept and complete quest ui. 


The QuestJournal component is used to display any accepted quest. Quests can be filtered in this window by All, Active, Completed, Failed and Canceled.


The QuestTracking component is used to display the progress of a quest. It displays the quest title, task description and task progress. In the exmple this ui is on the right side of the game view and always visible.


A QuestTrigger is used to trigger the QuestWindow to show. So it is responsible to give a quest to the player or to let the player complete the quest. The QuestTrigger is used together with a QuestCollection.


QuestCollection is used to hold quests in a list. This component is required for the QuestTrigger.


This component shows the acceptable or completable quests or quest tasks above the QuestTriggers head. In other words it will show the question mark or exclamation mark over the npc’s head.


QuestManager has a reference to the QuestDatabase asset. Changes made to this QuestDatabase asset are persistent and will be not resetted even after restart of the game. Instantiate a quest if you need a new copy of it. QuestManager can also be used to Save and Load the game.