Replace Database

When working with unknown asset, users start to extend the existing examples. The problem is that when a new update is available for the asset, you will get lost your changes. In the Inventory System there are two editors(Merge Database and Item Reference Updater) to avoid loosing changes when updating.

The Item class extend from ScriptableObject and is saved as an Asset. Then you reference this Item to the Database and Scene scripts.

You can change the item references in scene with the Item Reference Updater, that can be accessed through: Tools > Devion Games > Inventory System > Item Reference Updater 

  • (A) Scenes to update
    Drag and Drop scenes to this field.
  • (B) Prefabs Selection
    Prefabs in this and sub folders will be updated.
  • (C) New Database
    Select the new database to update with.

Now you know how to change all item references in the scene. But what about if your new created database does not contain the items? You can not just duplicate and rename the database, because the items have references to other items, category, currency…

The solution for this is the Merge Database editor: Tools > Devion Games > Inventory System > Merge Database

This editor will add all items from Source Database to Destination Database, if the items are not present.

So the best way to get started modifying the the examples is to create a new empty database and save it outside of the Devion Games folder.Run the Merge Database with Source Fantasy Datanase and Destination YourCustomDatabase. Then open the example scene and save the scene again outside of the Devion Games folder. Run the Item Reference Updater with your saved scene.

Create Database
Create Item