Create Visual Equipment

Creating UI

First of all take a look at how to setup an ItemContainer to create an Equipment Window. Select the slot and click on the Restrictions button to add an EquipmentRegion restriction to the slot.

This will restrict the slot and only allow to add equipment items with the defined region. You can create custom Equipment Region inside the Item Editor.

Setup EquipmentHandler

In the next step, drag and drop your player to the scene and attach the EquipmentHandler component inside Unity Component > Devion Games.InventorySystem > EquipmentHandler.

Enter the equipment container name and click the Items button to add a new Visible Item.

Static Item A static item does not have any behaviour and is mostly used for items that should be
just displayed on the player like helmets, gloves or shoes.
Melee Weapon You should use this item to add any melee weapon like sword or dagger.
Shootable Weapon Any weapon that fires a projectile.
Item Definition from Item Editor.
Attachments This is the visual model that is attached to the player’s bone. This model is activated when the item is equiped and deactivated when it is unequiped.
Activation The following fields allow you to activate the Idle State, which you can define at the bottom.
Use This fields allow you to trigger animator Use State.
Animator IK Right hand and left hand ik when in idle state.

Drag and drop a model to the bone of your player and position it. Then drag the model to the Attachment field of your visible item and deactivate it by default.

Pickup Items
Replace Third person Controller